Darling Wien model running Vienna marathon 2022 - 23/04/2022

Vienna City Marathon 2022

Darling Team will participate in the annual Vienna City Marathon. What else than a marathon is there to step out of our comfort zone and push our limits. Running is a way to empower us by committing to a goal and sticking with it until we achieve it by earning a medal. Marathons are extremely […]

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Darling Wien Escort Service will temporarily adjust the operation hours - 23/04/2022

Temporary adjustment of the opening hours.

DARLING WIEN WILL TEMPORARILY ADJUST THE OPERATING HOURS Dear Customers, In order to adapt to the changed booking habits of customers in view of the COVID-19 virus, Darling-Wien Escort Service temporarily adjusts the operating times as follows: From Monday to Sunday (daily): Open 24/7 Applicable time: from November 12th, 2021 until a new announcement. This […]

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