Due to the decrees issued by the Austrian Federal Government for preventive containment of the corona virus, DARLING WIEN (in solidarity with everyone who is fighting this pandemic) takes necessary measures and closes its doors until further notice. - Aufgrund der von der Österreichischen Bundesregierung herausgegebenen Erlässe zur vorbeugenden Eindämmung des Coronavirus, trifft DARLING WIEN (in Solidarität mit allen, die gegen diese Pandemie kämpfen) notwendige Maßnahmen und schließt seine Türen bis auf weiteres.

Darling.Wien escort agency through Martin’s eyes.

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August 31, 2018
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April 3, 2020
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Darling.Wien escort agency through Martin’s eyes.

Darling Escort model

In a slinky, plum silk dress and stiletto heels, Carina looks like a supermodel. Out of her dress, with perfect breasts and a fit body, she looks like a porn star. Walking down a city avenue looking resplendent with glowing skin and a confident air, she might have been going to a pose for a lingerie ad. Both men and women look twice when she passes by. But Carina’s not a model. Actually, she’s an escort on her way to making a client’s dreams come true.

Martin’s interest for Carina

Martin, a British professional who needs to play after working long, hard hours, is on a business trip to Vienna. On previous trips, he tried picking up women at bars and clubs, but it was a hassle when all he wanted was a good, relaxing time with a sure thing. Prior to this trip, he had fantasies of having sex with a perfect and available girl like Carina but reservations kept him back. After weeks of worrying about uncertainties, he finally found Darling Wien, a website that made him comfortable by showing verified girls with excellent track records.

Martin’s happy ending

After perusing the huge selection of sensual, eager playmates on the biggest escort agency in Vienna, he decided to get in touch with Carina. Having browsed five-star reviews previous clients left on the site, he knew she would be able to cater to his exact tastes and high standards. Confident with her verification and glowing reviews, he used the website’s simple and quick messaging system to get in contact and received a response almost instantly. Once the appointment was set, he looked forward to a perfect happy ending to a stressful work trip.

Now, when Martin opens his hotel door, the first thing Carina does is smile. That smile is genuine because she’s a creature of pleasure and looks forward to her “work.” Being an independent escort, she works for herself, taking pride and pleasure in her client’s delight, and the time that follows her entering that room is one of pure indulgence.

The next day, on his plane ride back home from Vienna, he closes his eyes and smiles when he thinks of his experience with Carina. He can’t remember the last time he felt so good. Like her reviews said she would, she made him so happy like she had been born to do it, and he hopes he might book her again.

His next business trip will be in Salzburg, but that’s no problem. Darling Wien features a wide selection of escorts from all major cities in Austria–his choices and opportunities to have another spectacular night are unlimited. For clients like him, the website is an all-in-one service directory. Besides featuring independent girls like Carina, the site lists hobby escorts and pornstars where he can find curated selections of ladies in just any major Austrian city.

He will come back for more.

Martin isn’t the only one who’s benefiting from using Darling Wien

Since she’s started advertising on the site, Carina has increased her revenue and exposure. For independents like her as well as new in business or the amateurs, onboarding is very easy and can be done in minutes. Escorts, students, and new in business have no regrets about putting their names and images on this busy, popular site. Darling Wien makes both escorts and clients happy.

We empower women. Darling.Wien is a catalyst for women to feel, see, and claim their power.

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