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Reasons why women hire male escorts


Modern women are up to speed on what they want out of life. They are ambitious, career-oriented and dedicated to doing what they put their minds to. In some cases, finding and having boyfriends, husbands and partners take a backseat in pursuit of their goal. Considering this kind of new and modern lifestyle for women, it is no wonder that the demand for male escorts is rising among women.

Here are a few reasons why

  1. Pursuit of their own happiness
  2.  Avoid complications
  3.  Freedom to express themselves in total confidentiality
  4.  No time for dating
  5.  They just want someone to treat them nice

Pursuit of their own happiness

Finding a man in the midst of pursuing a career can be difficult. If you’re always at work, how can you possibly find a man outside of that? In some cases, you don’t want to be charged with fraternization or even worse, sexual harassment in the workplace. So, women are often left with hiring male escorts to keep them company. It can be something simple as having dinner and having someone to talk with. Sometimes, that’s all it takes to make a woman happy.

Avoid complications

If all women want is a good time, why can’t they hire male escorts to give them that? Sometimes, all women want is a good time without the complications of a relationship. Men do that too. Women should most certainly be able to do that without having to feel guilty because it’s not something that society is used to.

Freedom to express themselves in total confidentiality

One good thing with hiring male escorts is that you actually have a business relationship between the two of you. He, your male escort, is often times required to keep secret whatever it is that goes on during your “date” and whatever else that may come after. Your male escort can be your sounding board for some things in your life that you can’t even divulge to your best friend. It’s a relief to be able to do that and it can also be a stress reliever if it’s something that’s weighing heavy on your mind.

No time for dating

Women who want to climb the corporate ladder usually don’t have for even the smallest relaxation time. They devote most of their waking hours to work even after they leave the office. Hiring a male escort can relieve the pressure of finding a partner to go out on a date, much less finding one at the last minute. Male escorts are also a good companion if you have to have someone with you at corporate events.

They just want someone to treat them nice

At the end of the day, women just want to be treated nice for a change. Women are looking for someone to dote on them even for a few hours. It doesn’t even matter if they paid to get it. It’s still a service, much like a mani-pedi that you pay for to make you feel good about yourself. If a good-looking guy (which most of them are) is going to be your companion for a few hours and his only purpose is to pay attention to you for all that time, then it may just be heaven for a few hours and some women really value that feeling.