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Prostitution in Vienna Austria


Prostitution in Vienna is legal and regulated.

Vienna is among the top most sex destinations around the world. This vibrant and beautiful city has been named along with Amsterdam and Hamburg as the most desired place to fulfill your sexual needs and requirements.

You can find many brothels and escort agencies in the city, offering their services on various notes. Some will try to please you in all the possible way while others will just focus on money. Hence it is important to have a complete set of information so that you make the most of your time and enjoy your stay in Vienna as much as you can.

When it comes to sex, it is very important that all the necessary precautions are taken and all the rules are followed. Safe sex does not only mean that you use a contraceptive, but it also means that you are well aware of all the rules and regulations which are being followed in that particular country.

All the legal rights of prostitutes, legal status of brothels, etc. they all come under the broader banner of safe sex. In Vienna, prostitution is allowed at the official level. But it has many rules and regulations which should be followed at all times.

It is to be noted that the prostitution industry in Austria is booming and developing day in and day out. And a huge share of this business is given by those foreigners who either come here on business purpose, or those coming here just for sex. It is binding on all such foreigners to be well aware of the local rules, like not having sex with a prostitute below 18 years, in order to have a safe sex time in the country.

Prostitution and pay for sex is legal in Austria.

The government has introduced certain rules, like regular HIV and other diseases check up, and issues health certificates, while all the prostitutes are required to be registered in the local police stations so that their regular check up can be arranged on timely basis. Homosexual sex is also legalized. This was done to ensure that the spread of HIV diseases is minimized by regulating a proper medical and check up procedure.


Vienna is famous for its girls. And the best of these girls are only offered by escort agencies.

These agencies are safe and reliable. It is to be noted that an escort agency in Vienna is called HausundHotelbesuche agentur. Through a good and renowned escort agency you can ensure that your plans to have a sex oriented time are fulfilled without any hindrance. Through these escorts agencies you can arrange the girl you like the most. These girls are more than willing to be your companions and provide you all those sex related services you can think of. They can stay with you in your hotel room, accompany you to your professional gatherings and provide you with sex services like massages, baths, and all you can think of. All these services can be acquired by simply registering yourself with the company and making a booking. One big advantage of an escort is that you can have all these fun in your hotel room, without being going out to some odd and creepy places of an unknown city.


There are two different types of escort services being offered in Austria, one is independent escort while the other is Agency escort.

Reliability is the most fundamental necessity of sex and related activities. How can you enjoy your sex trip if you are not able to completely trust the person you are going to be with? Lack of reliability is the biggest disadvantage of hiring an independent escort girl.

It has been observed that these independent escorts let down their clients at eleventh hour, thus ruining their time and money and their sexual appetite as well. Thus it is important to hire an escort agency and take their services as they are more reliable and they offer greater value of your money and time.


Brothels, Studios etc can be easily found in Austria. You can either ask the hotel manager to make arrangements for you, or ask any taxi driver, brothels are readily available throughout the country. The legalization and official regulation of brothels had led to an open business in this particular industry.


It is better not to hire unregistered and street prostitutes. These girls are mostly working illegally and are not registered with the police. As a result of this, they are constantly on the target of the local police and law enforcement authorities. Hence it can be a great inconvenience for you if you are caught with such hookers. These prostitutes are not medically examined and thus they also pose a threat to your health.

This beautiful city has shown that it has all the potential to fulfill the sexual needs and requirements of the people of the entire world. From brunettes to blondes, lesbians to gays, this city has everything to offer, all you can think about. The prostitution system is legalized and time to time check and balance is kept to ensure that this booming industry is regulated properly.

The city has girls from every nationality and ethnicity to offer to its clients, from one night stand to an escort service based on multiple days, Vienna and its escort agencies are committed with its customers and clients, in order to achieve the top most position in this industry. The commitment shown by the government of Austria is a true reflection of all the services which are currently being offered and practiced in the city. So do visit it soon and have a wonderful and sexual time.