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Look Better Naked Tonight

Look better naked

Every woman has their less than sexy mindset moments.

Whether you’re planning on getting intimate with someone for the first time or are just feeling a little self conscious over putting on a couple of pounds, There are times when the idea of getting – gulp – naked in front of your man can just seem more daunting than others.

But before taking the leap and stripping off your skivvies, take a deep breath and take a look at these tips for looking your absolute hottest in the buff—no crunches required.

Get your head in the game.

Remember, chances are good that he can’t even see the blemishes and imperfections that are haunting you. He thinks you’re sexy enough to want to see you naked in the first place, so he’s definitely not going to obsess over a stretch mark, dimple, or scar. So let yourself go and get into the sex goddess mindset before he even gets there.

Focus on your best assets – or the attributes he compliments you on most often. Whether it’s your amazing cleavage, bootylicious butt, or even your seductive smile; remember just how beautiful and fun he finds you, and adjust your attitude accordingly. Then channel the body language of a self confident diva by keeping your shoulders back, your chest forward, and your eyes on him.

Walk the walk.

There are very few things in the world that look sexier on a woman than a pair of sky high stilettos. What’s more, those super tall heels actually do quite a bit for you. By engaging your leg muscles, your gams will look longer and more toned. And those skyscrapers lift your butt; too, giving your booty some much needed pop. Besides… what man doesn’t want to see his woman in nothing but a pair of heels?!

Strike a pose.

Take a tip from professional photographers and know how to position yourself in the most flattering angles. Avoid facing your man head-on, which runs the risk of making you look boxy. Instead, turn your body slightly, which will accentuate the natural curve of your hips, butt and breasts. Rev up the playful pose even more by placing a hand on your hip and cocking your hip, or bending one knee slightly. This kind of foxy posing will accentuate your hourglass shape, making you look all the more sexy.

Once you get into bed, keep up the seduction by laying on your side. This will make your waist dip low, giving it its smallest possible appearance.

Lights, please.

The right lighting can do more for your body than a whole team of makeup artists. Avoid harsh overhead and fluorescent lights at all costs—they could make Cindy Crawford look sallow and haggard.

Instead, try lighting the room with flickering candlelight, which adds a sense of romance and ambience to the setting—and makes everyone look better. Or, for a stunning backlit silhouette, leave your bedroom lights off and turn on the hallway and bathroom lights on instead. Another option is to leave one bedside lamp on, and drape the top with a gauzy scarf in red or pink. It will bathe part of the room in soft, ambient light.

Don’t be afraid to enhance.

If you’re still worried about flaws, reach for a girl’s best friend: body lotions! Tinted creams and lotions will help camouflage spots and discolorations, while those containing caffeine will temporarily tighten up cellulite and jiggle.

And banish dry skin with silky body lotion or massage oil to keep yourself shimmery and soft to the touch.