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How to treat your escort?


The funny thing about hiring an escort is that there may be a short moment of awkwardness on the part of the client and it can be caused by either nervousness or excitement.

It’s perfectly natural to be a little nervous especially if this is your first time to be with an escort. The only way to overcome this nervousness is to be confident about yourself. You really need to stop being nervous because it may extend to the way you treat your escort.

Be nice

Your escort may be doing you a service but there’s no reason to be rude to him or her. If you want to get the best service, start by treating them nice. You’ve often heard the grisly stories of waiters spitting on their customers food because they’ve been rude. It’s basically the same with your vienna escort. If you want to have an enjoyable time, it starts by treating your escort with decency and respect.

Be well-groomed

Whether you’re meeting your escort in a public place or in the privacy of a room, it’s still necessary to be well-groomed and clean. It is expected that he or she be well-groomed, right, especially since you consider that time with you to be special and paid for. You think that you should be getting your money’s worth when your escort arrives, well-dressed, well-groomed and looking like a total knockout. Then that expectation should extend to you as well. Just imagine the pair you’ll two make when the two of you go out into town and you’re both dressed to the hilt and attracting a lot of attention.

Be charming

If you’re a man and you hired the services of a female escort, it won’t hurt to bring chocolates or flowers when you first meet. It can help in breaking the ice, especially when it’s the first time you’re meeting up. Chocolates and flowers can also make the escort feel special even though you didn’t really have to do that.

Be on your best behavior

Being with your escort is similar to being on a date albeit without the complications of a relationship. What you do have is a business relationship and it’s important that you both deliver your ends of the bargain. If you book an escort, it’s understood that you and you alone are the client unless you specify that you’ll be a group. It can be rather suspicious if, when your escort arrives, he or she will find that you are not alone and you are with a friend. This may be enough of a reason for your escort to leave you and cancel the appointment.

After the appointment

It’s common courtesy to send word to your escort if you’ve enjoyed your time together. You may even leave a glowing recommendation on her (if she’s independent) or their (if she’s from an agency) website. If you weren’t satisfied with her, it’s still your prerogative to leave a comment but don’t be too harsh.