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6 Cures for the Common Sex Life


More than one couple that’s been in love for some time has fallen victim to the dreaded bedroom boredom.
However, despite what you may have heard, monotony and monogamy don’t have to go hand in hand. If you’re looking for simple and sexy ways to relight the home fires, then look no further than these six scintillating tips for reviving your sex life from ho hum to hot damn!

Take the Pressure Off

Nothing kills a sex buzz faster than stress – especially over how often you’re making love or orgasming. If you put pressure on each other to perform, it will strain your relationship, and that’s not going to yield the kind of results either of you want.

So start by removing all expectations over how many times a week you’re getting horizontal or whether or not you’re reaching climax every time. Instead, focus on enjoying each other as much as possible.

Mix it Up

Variety is the spice of life. Bring that idea into the bedroom by incorporating new things often. That can mean trying a couple of different positions every time you have sex, as well as making sure you’re doing at least four different sexual acts during a sex session. (Oral for him, oral for her, kissing, breast play, etc.) Do a little research to see what works best for you, and make sure you try new things often.

Take it Out of the Bedroom

Studies show that trying new things will spark the same hormonal centers in the brain responsible for falling in love. So take a class together, explore a neighborhood, go wine tasting, or just try something you’ve never done before. You’ll feel closer to each other, and the bonding experience will translate to the bedroom.

Another good way for stimulating mind and body is to exercise together. Physical activities and sports activate a woman’s sympathetic nervous system – the same area that is active when she’s sexually aroused. So hit the gym, get sweaty on the basketball court or sign up for couples yoga.

Hit the Toy Store

Intimidated by the thought of bringing sensual aids into the bedroom? Don’t be. Vibrators, lube, dildos and other adult toys are all linked to greater sexual pleasure, increased desire, and stronger orgasms. What’s more, they’re just plain fun. If you’re put off by the thought of walking into an adult store, grab your honey and hop online, where you can peruse the kinds of toys that interest you, and read reviews before buying.

Kiss, Touch, Cuddle and Snuggle

But don’t make love. Too often, the only time couples express physical affection is immediately prior to (or during) sex. Make it a point to get touchy feely with your partner for no other reason than because you both enjoy the closeness, and your relationship will be stronger for it. If you know your wife enjoys having her feet rubbed while you watch TV, pull her legs onto your lap and caress them. Rub your man’s shoulders when he’s had a long day at the office. Skip the quick good morning peck in lieu of a long, deep sensual kiss before leaving for work. Incorporating sensuality into your daily routine will lead to a more satisfying all around sex life.

Be Patient

If you’re expecting an immediate turn around in your sex life, refer to the first tip…
Take the pressure off, and you’ll be in a better place. By placing the focus on building a better, closer, sexier relationship, your sex life will improve as well. Take time for each other, and the intimacy will follow.