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5 Ideas About Sex: Are These Logical or Mythological

There are so many myths and urban legends surrounding the subject of sex that it can be easy to dismiss every one of them out of hand. That wouldn’t be wise, though.

Some of the stories that you’ve heard are actually true.Say No to PORN

Unfortunately, you really can break it if you aren’t careful

From causing dysfunction in relationships to distraction at work, porn is said to have many negative effects. There’s one that’s particularly alarming, though — penile fractures. Surveys have found that men who watch porn like to experiment with many of the particularly vigorous styles of sex that they see with paid escorts.

For instance, porn films often show women on top vigorously moving in a seated pose. At other times, men try to thrust while taking up acrobatic positions.

While porn stars may be practised in safely executing unusual moves, regular people are not. In one interesting case reported in Scientific American, a man reportedly tried to imitate porn he saw by running across the room and taking a flying leap to penetrate his wife (see: When an erection is unusually stressed, a fracture can occur. While nothing breaks in two, internal tears can occur, accompanied with audible snapping. The condition can require medical attention.

There is another way to fracture yourself down there, too: you can develop a liking for a practice called taqaandan. It’s the penile equivalent of cracking your knuckles.

When you get stuck in love

The movie American Pie 2 has a hilarious scene where Jason Biggs gets caught with one hand superglued down his underwear and another on a porn tape. He needs to be taken to hospital in that embarrassing state. More embarrassing things can happen, though. One phenomenon involves two people in intercourse being unable to withdraw. An extremely strong involuntary gripping action within the vagina can cause the penis to become completely stuck inside. While it’s rare, it’s known to happen. A visit to the emergency room is sometimes required (

It’s possible to have a blinding orgasm — literally

In some people, orgasms can result in temporary loss of vision in one eye. The medical term for this rare condition is amaurosis fugax. It isn’t usually a one-time occurrence, either — it can predictably happen each time orgasm is experienced. While medical science doesn’t yet have a full explanation for this phenomenon, scientists suspect that the rhythmic contraction of the muscles in orgasm tends to block the blood supply off to one eye in some people. Thankfully, this isn’t a dangerous condition — people tend to go on with their sex lives and simply do without full binocular vision for a few minutes.

The kiss of death

Giving hickeys to one another and wearing them as badges of naughty love is a popular practice. While hickeys are safe in most people, they can sometimes cause an unusual problem — a minor stroke. A hickey is actually superficial trauma — biting or hard suction causes capillaries right under the skin to rupture and hemorrhage. Sometimes, even such a minor hemorrhage can cause an internal clot that travels down the bloodstream. If you have the bad luck to have it lodge somewhere inconvenient, a stroke could result (

If your partner is allergic to peanuts, he could be allergic to you

When you date someone with a food allergy, you need to be sensitive enough to brush thoroughly before fooling around together. If there is the smallest particle of nut, fish or anything else in your mouth, it could cause a flare-up in your food-sensitive partner. The effects of some foods can linger elsewhere in the body. Saliva, sweat and even semen can carry traces of allergic foods for a long time after those foods are eaten. If you find this hard to believe, you should check out the British study Dangerous Liaison: Sexually Transmitted Allergic Reaction to Brazil Nuts.

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